Store-in-Store Program

 Let's say you have a good business going but you like the financial opportunity and the excitement of a booming CBD industry and you don’t have the bandwidth start a new store. What to do? Nuyu has the answer, we have taken our ground breaking retail store in Seal Beach Ca, modularized the store model and created several different square foot packages that could take a corner or a wall area in your store without much effort. We treat your store within a store like our own, every time we upgrade our graphics, introduce a new product we give you the option to participate. Just pay for the product and the graphics are free.

We have various square foot packages that range from 100 sq ft to over a 1,000. Our team of designers can take your store and measurements and work out the best possible solution for your store a budget. If this is something that sparks that flame drop us a line we would love to discuss all the possibilities we have to offer.