Give Thanks - Self-care Saturday Tip

Give thanks for what you have, give thanks for what you will have as if you do.  Practice gratitude daily, on a walk, in a journal, in prayer, in a way that works for you.   


Our gratitude this morning.  


We give thanks for our health.  

We give thanks for our business.  

We give thanks our business helps you with your health.  

We give thanks for customers like you.  


I started practicing gratitude many years ago following Tony Robbins who says   “When you are grateful, fear disappears and abundance appears.” Once we appreciate everything we have, the law of attraction will bring even more abundance to us. The benefits of gratitude affect every area of our lives, from our relationships to our careers and our businesses. It makes us happier and more fulfilled. It makes us better partners.   


The power of gratitude lies in its ability to completely change the way we see the world. We are conditioned to approach life from a place of scarcity – to compete with others and with ourselves. We believe there aren’t enough resources to go around. But when we get beyond scarcity and believe that the world is filled with abundance, we begin to think of life as a place to give, not to get. 

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