Beautiful Wellness

Our products are balanced proprietary organic herbal blends created by master herbalist and infused with triple certified hemp based CBD

Our Products are 100% THC Free.


To all our Valued Customers, 

How We are:

Nuyu Wellness is a Southern California based business that produces and manufactures all of its products here in the United States. Our CBD is Hemp based, locally grown and triple certified pharmaceutical grade isolate, certified from seed to final product, helps ensures the freshest and the highest quality CBD available.  


More Importantly: 

What makes Nuyu Wellness products the best, is actually not the CBD, but the all organic proprietary blends of herbs, created by our 3rd generation master herbalist. Our master herbalist pass down centuries old proven formulas that are proprietary blended for maximum nutrient absorption in your body. 


The Perfect Marriage:

 By combining properly balanced organic herbs with triple certified CBD, you create a product that is second to none in quality and effectiveness. By utilizing the benefits of the CBD component to open the endocannabinoid system in the human body, this allows the organic nutrients to penetrate and work much more effectively when applied.  We have experienced many customers amazed at how good their skin looks from our Nuyu Skin Care Line or that after years their pain is taken away using our Nuyu Body Care Line.


In a Nutshelll:

At Nuyu Wellness we hope you and your family are well and happy in these difficult times. Even if your face is coved with a mask, you will know under that mask is beautiful skin.


Best Regards,

Nuyu Wellness Inc.